Nationwide Disc offers you the option of choosing what you want to include in your disc package.

Not everyone wants the same thing in their disc package. For example, if you do not intend to sell your disc in a retail setting, there is no need to spend money on a barcode. Or, if you want to send your CDs to radio stations, you might not want overwrap on the outside of the package (since many stations request that CDs arrive without it). If you don't need or want these features, why would you want to pay for them? You wouldn't, and you shouldn't.

What is best for you? Choices. We do not assume that everyone is the same. We believe that every artist is unique and should be able to make their own decisions about their CD package. That is why we leave the choice up to you. Add something or leave it out, but do NOT pay for things you don't need.

NationWide Disc paper options

Coating Options For Your Package

When searching for the best on disc packages, you may find that some companies appear to have lower prices, but they charge as much as $150 for coating your project. Coating adds durability, as well as a more professional look, to your disc package! Coated products last a lot longer and withstand a lot more handling than an uncoated product. We've got the coating options you need, and we don't charge extra for them.

Premium Gloss Card Stock
Our most popular choice of paper to print Digipaks. This card stock has a gloss finish and gloss aqueous coating on the printed surfaces for protection. The stock is 15 point weight (heavy card stock) and is the most common style you see in the market place.

Premium Matte Card Stock
This is the same stock as our Premium Gloss Card Stock but with a matte aqueous coating, giving the finished product a sophisticated matte finish. The matte aqueous coating on the printed surfaces also provides protection and makes it easier to read printed text. Stock is 15 point weight (heavy card stock) and is a great alternative to the more common glossy packaging. May add 2-4 days to your requested production time.

Retro Uncoated Card Stock
We use an uncoated 15 point weight (heavy card stock) to create a “retro” look that will make your Digipak stand out from the crowd. With a completely dull, uncoated finish, this stock is a great alternative if you want a more "retro" and eco-friendly looking Digipak. May add 2-4 days to your requested production time.

Posters by NationWide Disc


Because the light posts downtown are looking a little bare!

With every qualifying complete package order (discs ordered with Inserts & Jewel Cases, Printed Sleeves, or Digipaks with a minimum quantity purchase required), you get 11" x 17" full color posters at a great discount. It's a $149.00 value, available at only a fraction of that price if ordered with your CD project!

(offer good for online orders only)

NationWide Disc Barcodes


For a nominal one-time fee, NationWide can create a barcode for you to add to your final artwork. Future reorders will not incur the same barcode fee. Barcodes are great if you intend to sell your product in a retail setting; otherwise, it may not be necessary to add a barcode to your disc packaging. Pricing does not change with quantity of discs ordered. There are some limitations to registering barcodes, and it is your responsibility to register your own barcode for tracking purposes. (This is easy to do, just ask your Project Adviser for further detail.)

NationWide Disc Design Services

Add Design Services To Your Project

Why not let a design expert handle your project? At NationWide, we design projects all the time, and we are good at it! It takes experience to convey your message correctly and make the right impression, and we have that experience. In fact, after designing thousands of projects, we can comfortably say that we get it right the first time almost every time. Even if you have never worked with a designer in the past, you will be surprised how easy and comfortable the process is. You will have an initial design ready for review within a matter of days, and you don’t have to pay if you don’t like what we do. What could be better than that?